Sunday, January 31, 2010

Back...Caught You Looking For The Same Thing...

A little update:

In the studio the other night, I came across a mixtape I started with DJ Authentic from VA (now San Diego). Can't even remember when I started it, early 2000s maybe? He was going to do one side, and I was going to do the other - we were still thinking in terms of cassettes, haha.

There's about 3-4 minutes of freaking some WuTang, Mykill Miers, Freddie Foxxx, Beatnuts, and Arsonists beats. It still sounded pretty good to me. I'll polish it up and post it soon, as I don't think that Authentic and I are going to be releasing a cassette anytime soon.

There are some other things I'll be posting up soon (hopefully in the upcoming week):
A little turntablistic track titled "You Know the Place"
Two tracks from an Upper Playground promo CD which fell through - one is a 2 minute cameo with me cutting up phrases as usual, and the other was the intro to the CD, with a co-worker of mine named Frank on the vocal tip.


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