Thursday, February 11, 2010

One 2 The Head

Fitted Du Jour:

I'm a huge cap addict, I have been for years - from the Starter caps, Sports Specialties and Game hats (what they call snapbacks now) and eventually to fitted New Eras ("fitteds" not "flat-bills"). I wish I had kept a lot of the non-New Eras - I actually gave a bunch of them to Goodwill about 2 years ago. I even had all wool Diamond Collection fitteds I gave away (gray underbill, too!): Rockies, Phillies (1970-1991, pre-throwback), Mets, Pirates, Padres and Cardinals. National League stand up!

Also in the collection were the Mariners (gold "S" cap logo from 1987-1992), and who knows how many Yankees fitteds I've purchased and gotten rid of (hip-hop staple-related).

So most of my current collection are MLB5950s: On-Fields, Twisteds, Tonals, Bevels, Outlines, Cooperstown...nothing with huge-ass logos or tacky designs, my steelo is and always has been pretty basic. Since I'm from Cincinnati, a majority of my fitteds are Cincinnati Reds:

Who knows how much I've spent at places like Fan Fair and Sports Fantasy, and more recently in the past few years, Champs (Advisory Team!) and Lids (Lifetime Passport Club member!).

Here is a track I submitted for Lids' YouTube promo videos for their Fresh Goods Friday releases:

Maybe they'll still be interested in using it.

Bonus Beat:

Fitted Du Jour 2 (rocked this out to dinner with the family for my nephew's birthday):


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