Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Steppin' to the A. M.

My apologies for not posting any music lately. Here's my first full-length mixtape from 2000, The A.M. Sessions (While You Were Sleeping).

This was the first project I recorded which was exactly 60 minutes long. Every CD I put out after this cassette was recorded in the same format: continuous and 60 minutes long to mimic a 60-minute cassette. I'll probably do one more, like a Popular Fallacies Part III (or The Last Amateur Part II if you know what I'm talking about, haha). Enjoy!

NOTE: I never released this on CD. Some CD copies (maybe about 20) were pressed up by DJ Shiro and sold on the Audible Objects website years ago, which were legit, but if you have a copy of The A.M. Sessions, it's most likely a cassette. A lot of the cassettes were sold through Turntable Lab.