Saturday, February 27, 2010

What their definition of "Classic" is?

Shout out to Chew from for the review of The Last Amateur. Check it out here.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dynamic Duos

Once again from the studio vaults:

Here are 3 songs that I did scratches on for some Cincinnati-based MCs. I don't think a lot of people have heard these tracks, so I figured I'd share them with you. For the record, these songs are from the past 3 years or so.

"Safety" with CJ the Cynic:

I always thought that this was one of the hardest beats he rhymed on. CJ and I used to perform this song live when we were doing shows together a few years ago.

"Eventually" with Huntorprey:

I did the scratches on this song, but I don't think this version was released. From what I know, Ill Poetic did the beat for this one. Bububububu bow!

"Untitled" with Boogie Bang a/k/a Behn Grihm:

I'm sure there is a title for this track (Sorry Boogs!), but I can't remember. Boogs' flow is dope on this track. He did the production on this, too.

Any feedback is welcome!


Friday, February 19, 2010

Check It Out

Busy in the studio working on a project - in the meantime, check out this Q and A with me on the Wake Your Daughter Up blog. Big shout out to Travis for the interview!

I'll be posting some tracks here in the next few days.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

One 2 The Head

Fitted Du Jour:

I'm a huge cap addict, I have been for years - from the Starter caps, Sports Specialties and Game hats (what they call snapbacks now) and eventually to fitted New Eras ("fitteds" not "flat-bills"). I wish I had kept a lot of the non-New Eras - I actually gave a bunch of them to Goodwill about 2 years ago. I even had all wool Diamond Collection fitteds I gave away (gray underbill, too!): Rockies, Phillies (1970-1991, pre-throwback), Mets, Pirates, Padres and Cardinals. National League stand up!

Also in the collection were the Mariners (gold "S" cap logo from 1987-1992), and who knows how many Yankees fitteds I've purchased and gotten rid of (hip-hop staple-related).

So most of my current collection are MLB5950s: On-Fields, Twisteds, Tonals, Bevels, Outlines, Cooperstown...nothing with huge-ass logos or tacky designs, my steelo is and always has been pretty basic. Since I'm from Cincinnati, a majority of my fitteds are Cincinnati Reds:

Who knows how much I've spent at places like Fan Fair and Sports Fantasy, and more recently in the past few years, Champs (Advisory Team!) and Lids (Lifetime Passport Club member!).

Here is a track I submitted for Lids' YouTube promo videos for their Fresh Goods Friday releases:

Maybe they'll still be interested in using it.

Bonus Beat:

Fitted Du Jour 2 (rocked this out to dinner with the family for my nephew's birthday):


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Promises, Promises

As promised:

Here are some old tracks I had in the studio, these tracks were all recorded more than 5 years ago!

T-Dawg's Needle Drop:

My homies T-Dawg and Authentic put together a mixtape (CD) called ADD in 2000 or 2001, I think. This is the spot I did for T...on the CD he actually prefaced my spot with a voicemail message where I was in the McDonald's drive-thru getting a value meal. I'll post that soon, too - I can't find the CD.

This I Dedicate...:

I think I recorded this around 1998/1999, when Pete Rock's Soul Survivor album came out. When I heard his verse on "Truly Yours" start, "This I dedicate to the mixtapes I hate..." I knew that I had to use that line for something! I was getting disappointed at the time with mixtapes...some were just bullshit R and B blends, some were battle record beats and "ahhhhhh" scratched ad nauseum, and some just had too much talking.

Thread It:

I did this for DJ Thread (of HDZ - Hoods and Headz). The track was completely constructed with his break record, Thread Breaks (of course, excluding "give it up for my man, John Doe!" which was my homie Bizzy Bizz).

Binary Compound:

This was the mixtape that Authentic and I were going to record years ago. I started it but never finished. I used whatever dope came in the record pool that I was in at the time: Wutang, Pharoahe Monch, Mykill Miers, Freddie Foxxx, Arsonists, Beatnuts...

If you'd like to download some of these, hit me up and I'll provide links. Not sure if you can download these tracks the way I've embedded them.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Two for the time...

As promised, here are the two pieces for the Upper Playground Promo Mix CD that never happened. The CD was actually supposed to be done by DJs AstronoMar and Smack a/k/a Shorthand of the FLJRKS from Seattle. I was just going to have a guest appearance, but I also ended up putting together a short intro for it.

The Intro: Shout out to Frank for the vocals!

My 2-minute cameo: