Monday, September 6, 2010

Let's take a trip

Seems like I haven't posted in forever. I haven't really had any excuse, just either busy with work, or didn't have the time. I'll try to post more often, and I will include some musical treats soon.

A couple of months ago, en route to Sandusky County, OH, saw lots of this:

And these:

Before finally seeing this:

The job site set-up was pretty easy. As always, the mission was to find a good spot to eat once we got to the hotel. There was a restaurant in our hotel, but the sign stating "Tonight Specials" threw some of us off:

My co-worker Roy was questioning why the viggie (yes, it says "viggie") lasagna was only a dollar less than the prime rib and what was wrong with the grilled salmon to be cheaper than the meatless lasagna. I couldn't get past wondering what was being "serverd" in the "resturant"!

Roy, Tonya and I decided to find a spot in town to eat - we found a Chinese buffet that was decent and entertaining at the same time.

Had to be up early, so didn't get into much after dinner.

Next day on the site was uneventful, just really busy.

Crazy seeing something like this, but it's not the worst thing I've seen.

The next week en route to Genesee County, NY:

I remember seeing this sign when I was going to Connecticut a few years ago - I always thought that the "Welcome to New York" sign would be more major.

We were actually going past Buffalo... the town of Batavia.

Once we got to the hotel, I dropped off my bags in the room and backtracked to Buffalo to hit up the New Era Flagship Store:

I arrived with 20 minutes to spare. One of my co-workers whom we call "Subway Bill" rode shotgun on the way to Buffalo, and kept wondering where the nearest Subway was. I think he asked three or four times on the way to Buffalo and twice while we were in the New Era Store. I felt rushed and I think I may have completely walked past the downstairs part where all the markdown and clearance fitteds were. Damn you Bill, I should have dropped you off at Subway on the way to the Flagship Store!

This was pretty cool - a 5950 motorcycle in the lobby of the store:

I honestly didn't see anything there that I wanted to pick up, so at least I grabbed some of these on my way out:

Stopped at a local mall on the way back to the hotel, because I knew there just had to be a Subway in the food court so maybe Bill would stop wondering where Subway is.

Found a Lids there that was clearing out the 2009 FB Twisteds - I have so many Yankees fitteds, but had to pick one up since they were discontinued, not available anymore online, and were only $12, if I remember. Got the grey one to the right of the 30% sign.

Turns out there was a Subway in the food court as predicted, but I went semi-native and got a Buffalo chicken cheesesteak instead:

Got back to the hotel around 8pm, and went to this spot with my boss, Mike:

They had a burger challenge, which consisted of being inducted onto the Wall of Fame if you finished a 10 lb. burger in an hour...or something like that. Roy was there either last year or the year before, and made it on to the Wall of Shame, haha.

Next morning, hit the job site and split the 8 hour driving duties on the way home. Uneventful, as far as work goes.

And my apologies, no cool pic of me on a forklift this time, haha.