Sunday, January 16, 2011

Live from (West) New York

Spent the weekend in New York working on a video project with my cousin (well, my brother-in-law's brother) Glenn.

Our plan was to work all day Saturday editing as we had already filmed and collected all the raw footage.

On Friday, Glenn had to work, so I went with him into the city and just wandered the streets looking like an Eskimo. It was cold!

Found Turntable Lab, but it wasn't open for another 2 hours or so. I remember selling boxes of mixtapes to them a few years back.

Think it was on Broadway where this Lids store was, but I honestly didn't want another Yankees or Mets fitted, no matter how many of these I hadn't seen before:

Not sure what street I was on, but I happened to turn onto 4th Street and saw the New Era Flagship Store:

The flagship store was really dope. I passed up a Phillies (with the Liberty Bell logo) and a Pirates (pirate and crossed bats) custom to get this Baltimore Orioles fitted, which I just had to cop:

We met up that evening with my friend Ray, a fellow Cincinnatian, and had dinner at Five Napkin Burger:

Ready, aim...

Killed it!

Walked around the city after dinner:

Me and Glenn:

Me and Ray:

Ha, even did the tourist thing and had a street artist sketch me:

Next morning, had a Sage Hen breakfast sandwich and hash taters at Silver Spurs:

...and then on to business.

After working through the day, stopped at Brooklyn's Pizzeria for garlic and pepperoni pizza and a stromboli (both were excellent, by the way):

By the time I left for Cincinnati the next day, the video was already uploaded. Enjoy!

If you like the track, feel free to download it here:

Note: There's an extra 16 bars at the end if you'd like to do your own running!