Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Summer Vacation (Part 1)

Short and simple with a lot of pictures since people don't like to read too much anymore. First vacation in years. Scotland and England.
First stop: Edinburgh, Scotland.
My wife Tanya and I at Edinburgh Castle:
On a day trip to St. Andrews, stopped at a small fishing village named Anstruther and saw this:
Fish and Chips Shop of the Year in the entire UK 2008-2009? Worth trying! I got this:
Wow. Unbelievably delicious. This haddock probably had less than one food mile to it.
Tanya and I at the old golf course on St. Andrews, standing on the first fairway:
Posing like a champ on the Swilcan Bridge:
I actually re-created this "Chariots of Fire" scene not far from the previous photo. I decided not to post it after seeing how funny I looked running on the beach. In a Boomer Esiason throwback jersey.
A few days later in Seahouses. For some reason I keep/kept referring to the village as "Seahorses."
North Sea behind me. Cold and windy, but beautiful here.
Later in the evening at the Olde Ship, the Seafood Platter. The only meal to beat the fish and chips posted above:
Again, unbelievable. And served cold! Mades Red Lobster seem like McDonald's.
Will post more soon. Will also be finishing recording and posting some random tracks when I return home. I know none of this is music related, but still wanted to share. Thanks for reading! John