Monday, February 2, 2015

Trying to find a balance

 I promised that I’d be getting back to posting tracks and breakdowns, but some things last week got in the way:  Trying to locate a bat in the adjacent room to the studio, a recording mistake that I attempted to fix via Cool Edit Pro (which I gave up trying to figure out and ended up re-recording everything), and just everyday life in general. 

The only goal I ever had music-wise was putting out material that was well received and respected.  I feel that I accomplished that – one good review was always enough to make my effort seem worth it.

Now, years after my last video project and even longer after my last full-length mixtape, and what seems like eons since my last battle, I now realize how much I miss it.  When I was more active, I led the “double-life” – long nights in the basement studio working into the early mornings or late weeknight gigs while balancing a full-time job.  But it was that double life and working on music that gave me balance.

For the past few years, I’ve been working at my normal job, considering myself a “semi-retired” turntablist.  But being surrounded 5 days a week by people who share none of your interests is difficult.  The need to be heard through my apparently dope-but-completely-unmarketable skills has never been stronger.

Thanks for reading this rambling post; I felt I had to get this off my chest.  Maybe this explains why I even started doing all of this in the first place.

Track should be finished and posted with a breakdown soon.



  1. Cool! Please keep us posted. Can't wait to hear new stuff from you. By the way, you mentioned a bat. Bat, as in baseball bat? Or bat, as in vampire bat?

  2. By the way, your picture in your post is not showing up. What is it?

    1. A vampire bat! And the picture is supposed to be of a time clock, not sure why it's not showing up.