Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Promises, Promises

As promised:

Here are some old tracks I had in the studio, these tracks were all recorded more than 5 years ago!

T-Dawg's Needle Drop:

My homies T-Dawg and Authentic put together a mixtape (CD) called ADD in 2000 or 2001, I think. This is the spot I did for T...on the CD he actually prefaced my spot with a voicemail message where I was in the McDonald's drive-thru getting a value meal. I'll post that soon, too - I can't find the CD.

This I Dedicate...:

I think I recorded this around 1998/1999, when Pete Rock's Soul Survivor album came out. When I heard his verse on "Truly Yours" start, "This I dedicate to the mixtapes I hate..." I knew that I had to use that line for something! I was getting disappointed at the time with mixtapes...some were just bullshit R and B blends, some were battle record beats and "ahhhhhh" scratched ad nauseum, and some just had too much talking.

Thread It:

I did this for DJ Thread (of HDZ - Hoods and Headz). The track was completely constructed with his break record, Thread Breaks (of course, excluding "give it up for my man, John Doe!" which was my homie Bizzy Bizz).

Binary Compound:

This was the mixtape that Authentic and I were going to record years ago. I started it but never finished. I used whatever dope came in the record pool that I was in at the time: Wutang, Pharoahe Monch, Mykill Miers, Freddie Foxxx, Arsonists, Beatnuts...

If you'd like to download some of these, hit me up and I'll provide links. Not sure if you can download these tracks the way I've embedded them.


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  1. You actually recorded 'Needle Drop' in 98 or 99 for another mixtape that I never completed.