Sunday, January 16, 2011

Live from (West) New York

Spent the weekend in New York working on a video project with my cousin (well, my brother-in-law's brother) Glenn.

Our plan was to work all day Saturday editing as we had already filmed and collected all the raw footage.

On Friday, Glenn had to work, so I went with him into the city and just wandered the streets looking like an Eskimo. It was cold!

Found Turntable Lab, but it wasn't open for another 2 hours or so. I remember selling boxes of mixtapes to them a few years back.

Think it was on Broadway where this Lids store was, but I honestly didn't want another Yankees or Mets fitted, no matter how many of these I hadn't seen before:

Not sure what street I was on, but I happened to turn onto 4th Street and saw the New Era Flagship Store:

The flagship store was really dope. I passed up a Phillies (with the Liberty Bell logo) and a Pirates (pirate and crossed bats) custom to get this Baltimore Orioles fitted, which I just had to cop:

We met up that evening with my friend Ray, a fellow Cincinnatian, and had dinner at Five Napkin Burger:

Ready, aim...

Killed it!

Walked around the city after dinner:

Me and Glenn:

Me and Ray:

Ha, even did the tourist thing and had a street artist sketch me:

Next morning, had a Sage Hen breakfast sandwich and hash taters at Silver Spurs:

...and then on to business.

After working through the day, stopped at Brooklyn's Pizzeria for garlic and pepperoni pizza and a stromboli (both were excellent, by the way):

By the time I left for Cincinnati the next day, the video was already uploaded. Enjoy!

If you like the track, feel free to download it here:

Note: There's an extra 16 bars at the end if you'd like to do your own running!



  1. Nice blog! Loved the pics. Good to see you linked up with Ray. How is he doing?

  2. Yeah, Ray and the family have been doing alright - sounds like they might stay there in NY.