Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back in effect, how's that...

I got a call last month from a friend and fellow DJ, Apryl Reign, who is the DJ instructor at Elementz here in Cincinnati.

She asked if I'd be interested in doing a turntablism display for their monthly DJ workshop, and I agreed to it. DQ from the Animal Crackers and I had put together something for a similar event last year, which ended up falling through. We got together a couple of times and reworked the original routine.

It was great to see people interested in scratching, and asking all kinds of questions about it. Can't remember the last time I got my nerd on about DJing!

DQ and I started off with a Q & A scratch over "Rockit" and then talked about cue points and looping, and then simple tricks like strobe patterns and a few body tricks mixed in. Had a "99 Problems" routine that I really wanted to show, but the right needle kept skipping...arrrggghhh. People asked questions all through the workshop, which I enjoyed answering.

Even though I don't use any digital DJing systems, as far as scratching goes, the movements will be the same as on vinyl...I guess until they invent a program that scratches for you.


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