Friday, September 2, 2011

Rock The Bells

So I went to my first Rock the Bells show here in Cincy this past Wednesday. It was Mobb Deep (with Noyd) and Raekwon w/Ghostface (and Cappadonna).

The show opened up with Moxy Monster and his crew - I've performed alongside him a couple times in the past, I believe. It was good to see him on stage doing his thing. Shout out to Moxy for the shout out from the stage!

Alchemist came out on the decks right before the Infamous M-o-b-b and Noyd hit the stage.

With a mixture of bangers from The Infamous ("Survival of the Fittest", "Eye For An Eye", "Right Back At You"), and some other significant burners (Burn, Got It Twisted, Quiet Storm), Havoc and Prodigy set it off. Of course they ended the set with Shook Ones Pt.II, but I was hoping to hear "Party Over."

All in all, a great set by Prodigy and the H-A-V-O-C from the QBC, "...puttin' cowards where they supposed to be..."

Next up was Raekwon and Ghostface with Cappadonna - what a blur. Rae and Ghost ran through so many songs, I can't even remember. Rae came out to "Incarcerated Scarfaces" and he and Ghost went back and forth on a huge chunk of OBFCL.

In my opinion, Ghost totally stole the show. This was my first time seeing him live, and he just had so much energy, it was unbelievable.

All this being said, it was great to get out on a Wednesday night for a show like this.

Oh yeah, and after the show, Ghost threw a bottle of water to me from the stage. Thanks, Tony!



  1. Sick! Looks like it was a good show. I missed the LA show two weeks ago. I really wanted to see Rae & Ghost.

  2. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Show started right at 8 and ended at midnight, which I thought was weird for a hip hop show of this magnitude. Maybe it was a courtesy for all the 30-somethings that had to be at work the next day!